Prospects of computerized accounting in nigeria

This monopoly will only foster inefficiency in a country that has the potential for her citizens to be the largest ATM user in the African continent by share population numbers. This is because it has very high speed of operation. They can also do it from the real Interswitch website http: Commercial bank should devote adequate budget for research and development in the areas of investment opportunities for themselves and their customers.

Frequent changes in the computer packages and without proper and adequate training also affect the operation of the bank. In recent times, the number of customer operation account with the banks have increased. Finally in terms of security we believe in the nearest future regulators and service providers should explore forensics, such as thumb and finger print technology in order to reduce incidents of fraud and increase capacity for detecting fraudulent perpetrators with the ATM facility.

Accounting Basics History History Of Accounting In Nigeria

Odukoya noted that emails from Interswitch- the popular service provider of ATM cards in Nigeria were circulated warning users to disregard text messages asking them for their Personal Identification Number PIN.

These results show that awareness and use for the ATM facility in Jos metropolis was on the rise considering that it was in at the end of and early that the ATM facilities became common in the city.

A major trend in the Nigerian experience is the way banks have metamorphosed the use and supply of these machines. Journal of Accounting Information System, 8. The records and notes were usually taken either in memory human being or some marks on the ground or trees.

Do you agree that the training policy of your organization is satisfy able? Also as an indispensable data base for interested person or groups of persons. And wireless carriers are offering more ways to get on the mobile-banking bandwagon, connecting financial institutions to their networks.

They should ensure that statements and statistic submitted to monetary authorities are accurate and that their banks obey money polices as directed by regulatory bodies. Like every other network, especially in the GSM network, once the ATM cash point is over used, network failure will take over leaving customers in queues for many hours.

To make known the brief history of computer, understand some important components of the computer, advantages, disadvantages, and importance to users that is individuals, business men, firms, and government as a part of awareness on computerized accounting.

To make known to users of computer in recording accounting information to understand that there are languages that computers understand and use, so therefore they should go for training in this languages to enable them communicate perfectly with the computers.

The activity, practice, or profession of maintaining the business records of a person or organization and preparing forms and reports for tax or other financial purposes Efficiency: Information from the computer is always correct, reliable, and accurate.

Problems and Prospects of Manpower Planning in Nigeria

It could perform payroll calculations, update accounts receivable and payable, control inventories, process insurance data, prepare dividend, keeping depositors accounts, distribute costs and project topics & materials.

uploaded by the impact of computerized accounting system on the success of a business organisation (a case study of united bank of africa plc) – pro1(67).

budgeting and budgetary control: an effective tool for decision making (a case study of guinness nigeria plc) the prospects and problems of. The problems and prospects of taxation as a source of Revenue Generation in Nigeria”, a case of Ebonyi state Board of internal Revenue BY Igbaji Chinwendu June 20, Project Topics, Project Topics in Accounting No Comments.

The paper finally discusses the prospects of the TSA system and its challenges and concludes that the system requires political will, honesty and determination so as to overcome the various challenges identified in the paper in order to achieve the expected benefits of the system.

Nigeria commercial banks are ill equipped for an effective mobilization of personal saving the management team and board of directors of commercial banks are made up of semi- literate Nigeria and policies are made and unmade in conjunction with the whims and caprices of both local and regional politicians in most cases.

The importance of using computer in recording accounting information will be apparent when considering the fact from the data that is gathered in the course of this work, from the related literature as well as, from interviews and discussions.

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THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF A COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING AND IT’S IMPLICATION ON E-PAYMENT IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY. This paper therefore unearths an analysis on the problems and prospects of e-transaction in the Nigeria.


To achieve this, samples of questionnaires were used and two hypotheses were formulated for the study and the chi.

Prospects of computerized accounting in nigeria
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