Designing and managing the supply chain simchi levi

Until this step happens we have to use some pessimistic numbers as belowbut there is the possibility that the pilot plant will be many times more productive than expected as it will be running a much simpler refining process. EML1 is the balance point between Earth and the Moon, the place where the gravity of each body cancels out.

This orbit could be circularized via periaerion drag passes through the upper atmosphere. SCOR is based on six distinct management processes: Infrastructure at any of these 5 locations could be kept in place with a small station keeping expense. It is dense, relatively inert and can be used as a life support consumable or as a propellant after electrolysis.

Designing and Managing the Supply Chain

As you can see, it takes almost as much to get as high as EML1 as it does to reach a 1. At this point fuel can be transferred all the way to LEO; without a proper depot there are some inefficiencies, so only about 40 tons are delivered in each shrouded tanker requiring two standard tanker flights to fuel up.

A clear direction is needed so people can make the decisions accordingly. Products or services are produced against a real customer order in a just-in-time fashion. Each chapter utilizes case studies and numerous examples. Assuming that we have not underestimated the tanker mass, the delivery propellant mass from Earth to LEO to L1 is But since EML2 is moving at the moon's angular velocity, it is traveling 1.

If commercial satellites were modified to use a water electrolysis thruster system for stationkeeping then they could be launched empty to EML1 for less dV than a direct launch to GEO. The measurement of performance focuses on total system efficiency and the equitable monetary reward distribution to those within the supply chain.

Supply-chain management

A famous example is HP which created a universal power cord for its LaserJet printers so that it did not need to differentiate between the ones shipped to different parts of the world.

What is the definition of Logistics and Supply Chain Management? Return fuel for the tug would take three weeks.

Supply chain operations reference

At this point the infrastructure on the moon is producing 1. This era is characterized by the globalization of supply chain management in organizations with the goal of increasing their competitive advantage, adding value, and reducing costs through global sourcing.

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Designing & Managing the Supply Chain

Now, rotate that ellipse around the Earth-Moon axis.This section provides the schedule of readings by lecture session and information on the course texts. Simchi-Levi. Designing and Managing the Supply Chain.

McGraw Hill/Irwin, ISBN: Course readings. SES # TOPICS READINGS; 1: Introduction and course overview: Prepare: "Case: Meditech Surgical." In [SKS], pp. This section provides the schedule of readings by lecture session and information on the course texts. [SKS] = Simchi-Levi, David, Philip Kaminsky, and Edith Simchi-Levi.

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Designing and Managing the Supply Chain. McGraw Hill/Irwin, ISBN: Sunil, and Peter Meindl. "Planning and Managing Inventories in a.

Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies, David Simchi-Levi Philip Kaminsky Edith Simchi-Levi. Supply chain integration; Strategic Partnering; Decision Support Systems; Information technology; Customer value and service; Supply chain design; Product Design for Logistics; Managing inventory in the supply chain; Distribution management; International Logistics; New Features for third edition: The 3rd edition represents a substantial revision.

• The students will be able to utilize themselves as scholar-practitioners, capable of creatively synthesizing intellectual explanation of PROC models with methodological competencies and experience-based perceptual skills and judgment by readily recognizing the correct (and incorrect) application of various supply chain.

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Designing and managing the supply chain simchi levi
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